Why your social content should make people curious 

We caught up with Shannon Forrey, the brand’s director of social and digital media, on the latest episode of the Social Minds podcast. Shannon shared actionable insights on why more brands and marketers should want their followers to get curious on social.

A formula for success: how brands can use social to nurture superfandom

Formula One, AKA “the pinnacle of motorsport”, has become the fastest growing major sports league on the planet.

On episode 224 of the Social Minds podcast, we chatted with its senior social media manager Sam Barker to find out the role social plays in making an aficionado out of an amateur.

New news: How The Washington Post is reimagining journalism on TikTok 

Legacy outlet The Washington Post has made a name for itself carving out a new home for news publishers: TikTok.

To tell us how publishers can adapt to changing times, The Washington Post’s associate TikTok producer Carmella Boykin sat down with the hosts of the SocialMinds podcast. 

Beyond ChatGPT: Why Hootsuite’s AI actually works for creatives 

Generative AI programmes like ChatGPT and MidJourney are hot topics in the industry conversation, but marketers’ general consensus is yet to be decided.

Now social media management platform Hootsuite is in open beta with a programme of its own, OwlyWriter AI. The USP: unlike most other generative AI, OwlyWriter is tailor-made for creatives. 

Billy Jones, its head of global brand media, joined the Social Minds podcast to tell us more.

Travel brands are missing a trick by underusing influencers – but they have to do it right 

Here’s a stat that might surprise you. Travel is outpacing all other sectors for year-on-year search volume growth in the UK.    

That’s according to recent data from MediaVision. On the surface, a cost of living crisis, recession and travel strikes paint a pessimistic picture. One might assume we aren’t willing to splash out on big purchases.  

And that’s partly true. But Performance Marketing World calls travel “the last luxury Brits will sacrifice”. Demand for travel remains. We’re just getting more economical about it.

What brands can learn from The Very Group’s influencer marketing strategy  

In just a few years, influencer marketing has risen from bolt-on to baseline for marketers when planning social campaigns. With the right strategy, it can literally change the face of your company – as we’ve seen with influencers Molly-Mae Hague and David Laid taking on creative director roles at Pretty Little Thing and Gymshark. 

But what’s the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful influencer marketing strategy? Shannon Jennings, head of social and influencers at The Very Group, joined the Social Minds podcast to lay out how brands can command influence in 2023.

Mind your marketing: why brands shouldn’t ignore neurodivergent consumers 

In the past few years, it’s become evident that the neurodivergent population – roughly one in seven people –  is consistently excluded from marketing’s one-size-fits-all approach.  

On the upcoming episode of the Social Minds podcast, author and Ogilvy advertising legend Rory Sutherland tells us what accessible advertising looks like for brands and marketers.  

Why supermarkets need to get super social in the cost of living crisis

Trust in supermarket brands is waning. According to new research from YouGov and Red Tractor, it’s fallen from 78% in 2021 to 58% in 2022. The cost of living crisis has resulted in price hikes from supermarkets, which is having a knock on effect on sentiment – and causing trust to dwindle.