Social Moms: Good Enough is Good Enough

The young company SOCIAL MOMS GmbH turns 1 year old and is using this birthday to highlight the achievements of mothers and families with their campaign #GOODENOUGH.

Hand on heart: the year was quite something! 
The famous first year of a startup is usually a tough one. However, it was a very special one thanks to Corona. SOCIAL MOMS GmbH, as a company that not only sees itself as a voice for mothers and families, but also employs 100% parents, had to experience first-hand what it means to do home schooling and working from home at the same time.

However, the positive effect of this exceptional situation was that this phase was very thought-provoking. Because in the case of SOCIAL MOMS - as in many other areas such as education and health care - Corona only highlighted what already needed to be questioned: Where do we actually want to go? Does everything always have to be higher, faster, further? What do we live up to? Do we need categories like super mom, stay-at-home mom, or working mom? Isn't it time family was seen as a bonus, not a flaw?

SOCIAL MOMS has built its community to a reach of over 250,000 users in just one year. But it took a lot of time, energy and strength - the vision to support women and mothers was always the big motivation.
#goodenough campaign.

On the occasion of the first birthday, SOCIAL MOMS are now launching a campaign that was born out of all these questions - this time they want to call for a more realistic view of family life. "The last few months have proven what responsibilities families take on in our country and what pillars of society they are. It is overdue that families and particularly mothers finally receive appreciation and recognition for it - from politics as well as from society," say the managing directors Tanya Neufeldt and Camilla Rando. 

"Especially for us mothers and fathers, a lot has been expected in the past months. We hope that other media will join our campaign and that together we will make the voices of mothers and families heard," continue both SOCIAL MOMS founders.

And what about you?
In the campaign video, SOCIAL MOMS emphasise that it's totally okay to do things differently, as long as they feel right to you! It is first and foremost about finding your own level.

From 05 to 15 November 2020, mothers and fathers can submit videos with short statements, because an extended version will be published in the follow-up to give additional emphasis to the campaign message. Send to 

SOCIAL MOMS has already been able to win over mothers with statements from their community - including, among others, Jessie Weiß (fashion influencer Journelles), Verena Pausder (bestselling author "The New Land") and several more. 

Communication from influencer marketing to podcast integrations.
In addition to an extensive PR campaign, a media cooperation with the Klambt publishing house, a podcast in collaboration with Grazia magazine, a comprehensive influencer marketing campaign and broad social media marketing are key milestones in the campaign communication. In addition, SOCIAL MOMS is pleased to have Nina Stahr, state chairwoman of the Berlin Green Party, as a guest on its own podcast format "Auf einen Kaffee mit Tanya & Camilla." 


Die SOCIAL MOMS GmbH ist ein Tochterunternehmen der Social Chain AG. SOCIAL MOMS ist eine Community, die Mütter auf allen Ebenen verbindet. Sowohl online als auch offline bringt SOCIAL MOMS Mütter zusammen, um sie zu unterstützen und zu bestärken, ihnen Wertschätzung entgegen zu bringen und mit Rat und Tat in allen Lebenslagen zur Seite zu stehen. Mütter werden schnell überhört. Wir sind die Mütter-Gewerkschaft, wir sind eine Bewegung, die nicht überhört werden kann. SOCIAL MOMS weiß was Mütter bewegt!

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