MABYEN launches first book on day of the midwife

For MABYEN, it is a project of the heart for their community: MABYEN founders Manuela Apitzsch as well as paediatric nurse and masseuse at Mabyen's Baby Spa Miriam Kleinhaus have collected all tips on bonding, collated them and packed them into their very first book. The entire concept of MABYEN was inspired by the bonding process and is already reflected in the selection and recipes of their baby care products. This is how the story comes full circle. The focus and foundation of the MABYEN brand are very clearly positioned: For a strong bond right from the start – comfort and warmth that lasts a lifetime.
"If mums and dads develop a good bond with their baby right from the start, they give it comfort and warmth that will last a lifetime. MABYEN shows parents how to develop a bond successfully. The book is a wonderful companion for the first year of life!", says Julia Tomuschat / author of "Nestwärme, die Flügel verleiht", "Das Sonnenkind-Prinzip" and other books. 
The book was officially launched in a streaming event on 5 May with Manuela Apitzsch, Miriam Kleinhaus and Tanya Neufeldt from mother.NOW. The date of 5 May was not chosen randomly for the book presentation. MABYEN deliberately chose the day of the midwife.



MABYEN opened the doors of Germany's first baby spa in Düsseldorf in 2016. In October 2017, the founders Marie Papenkort and Manuela Apitzsch took part in the VOX start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen“ (the German equivalent of the UK’s „Dragons’ Den“). Back then, the two founders were able to convince entrepreneur Judith Williams of their idea of a natural cosmetics line for babies and mothers. Today, Social Chain AG holds a stake in MABYEN and has supported the company in successfully establishing itself on the German market. With 100% natural ingredients, MABYEN Care stands for the purest care and well-being. Meanwhile, the MABYEN shop also offers skin-soft baby ponchos and hooded towels, an innovative floating ring, a cuddly soft muslin cloth and certified organic teas for babies, (expectant) mums and the whole family. On 5 May 2021, MABYEN launched its first book together with author Miriam Kleinhaus.

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