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Investor Relations
The Social Chain AG:
Social Commerce on a global scale

The Social Chain AG is reshaping the world of brands and commerce. Our online shops are the most efficient points of sale for our Direct-to-Consumer brands. More than 70 percent of Direct-to-Consumer sales are performed by our owned and operated online shops.

Our communities, with over 86 million followers worldwide, inspire our customers and amplify our brand messages. We benefit from our own Digital Marketing Services. Over 250 digital experts create and execute all disciplines of sophisticated Social Media Marketing

Our headquarters are in Berlin, with additional locations in Munich, London, Manchester, New York, San Diego and Los Angeles. The Social Chain AG shares are traded on XETRA and several German stock exchanges.

Share details

Country: Germany
Type: registered share
ISIN: DE000A1YC996
Symbol: PU11
Company: The Social Chain AG
Listed on: Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Xetra, Stock Exchange Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Tradegate

The share capital of the Company amounts to EUR 15,527,775.00 and is issued on 15,527,775 registered shares.

Approved securities prospectus

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Capital Increase

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Financial calendar

Financial Report 2021: 22 April 2022

Quarterly Report Q1 2022: 25 May 2022

Annual General Meeting: 08 June 2022

Half Year Report H1 2022: 15 September 2022

Quarterly Report Q3 2022: 17 November 2022

Group Quarterly Statement

1. January - 30 September 2021

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Company presentation


Recording Press Conference 19 October 2021

with English subtitles

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Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements

as of 30 June 2021

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Group Financial Statement 2020

German version

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Convertible Bond

You can find more convertible bond information here.


Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of The Social Chain AG took place on Friday, 30 July 2021, at 3:00 p.m. (CEST).

The Annual General Meeting of the Company was held as a virtual General Meeting without the physical presence of the shareholders or their authorized representatives (with the exception of the proxies of the Company).
• Abstimmungsergebnisse (only available in German)
• Veröffentlichung BANZ wg. Verlegung (only available in German)

The Company has decided to move the meeting room for the Annual General Meeting to the premises of the DBB Forum Berlin, Better Now Studio Berlin Mitte (Atrium), Friedrichstraße 169, 10117 Berlin. Please see the announcement published today in the Federal Gazette.

Einberufung und Tagesordnung der Hauptversammlung (only available in German)
Information pursuant to Section 125 para. 2 German Stock Corporation Act (AktG) in connection with Section 125 para. 5 AktG, Article 4 para. 1 and Table 3 of the Annex to Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1212 
festgestellter Jahresabschluss zum 31. Dezember 2020 nach HGB und Lagebericht für das Geschäftsjahr 2020 (only available in German)
Bericht des Aufsichtsrats für das Geschäftsjahr 2020 (only available in German)
gebilligter Konzernabschluss zum 31. Dezember 2020 nach IFRS und Konzernlagebericht für das Geschäftsjahr 2020 (only available in German)
Bericht des Vorstands an die Hauptversammlung zu Punkt 6 der Tagesordnung (only available in German)
Satzung (only available in German)

"There are currently no opposing motions"

Vollmacht an die Stimmrechtsvertreter der Gesellschaft (only available in German)
Vollmacht an eine dritte Person  (only available in German)
Widerruf Vollmacht  (only available in German)
Datenschutzhinweise (only available in German)

Recording of the presentation from 8 March 2021

Preliminary Results 2020 and Results 2021


Preliminary figures 2020 and guidance 2021

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Group Financial Statements 2019


Research Reports

BAADER EUROPE, 23.11.2021, BUY, Price target EUR 62.90

ALSTER RESEARCH, 16.11.2021, BUY, Price target EUR 66.00

QUIRIN PRIVATBANK, 22.10.2021, BUY, Ziel EUR 61.00

BERENBERG, 21.10.2021, BUY, Price target EUR 60.00

WARBURG, 13.09.2021, BUY, Price target EUR 46.00

HAUCK & AUFHÄUSER, 20.05.2021, BUY, Price target EUR 48.00

Ad hoc Announcements

11/11/2021, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG: BaFin approves securities prospectus for admission of shares for trading in the regulated market of the stock exchange in Frankfurt am Main
19/10/2021, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG acquires all shares in DS Holding GmbH and resolves on capital increase in kind
22/06/2021, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG is assessing options of an uplisting including a listing in the United States of America
16/06/2021, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG resolves on capital increase in kind under exclusion of statutory subscription rights against contribution of company shares in Mint Marketing Agency Inc., USA
01/04/2021, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG sucessfully places Convertible Bond 2021/2024 in the aggregate nominal amount of EUR 25,000,000.00
25/03/2021, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG determines terms of Convertible Bond 2021/2024
16/03/2021, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG issues convertible bond
08/03/2021, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG provides revenue and profit forecasts for the financial year 2021 based on preliminary figures for the previous financial year 2020 and reviews various financing options
17/11/2020, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG acquires all shares of Carl Wilhelm Clasen Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung and increases its revenue forecast for 2020
07/08/2020, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG resolves on capital increase from authorized capital
19/05/2020, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG intends to sell the majority of shares in SOLIDMIND Nutrition GmbH
11/05/2020, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG announces first turnover and profit forecast for the financial year 2020
07/05/2020, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG plans acquisition of majority stake in A4D Inc. based in Carlsbad, CA, USA
25/02/2020, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG resolves on a Capital Increase from Authorised Capital against the contribution of shares of KoRo Handels GmbH and drtv.agency GmbH
30/12/2019, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG increases its current stake in SOLIDMIND Nutrition GmbH into a majority stake and furthermore acquires all shares in CONTEAM : BELOW GmbH
06/12/2019, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG successfully concludes non-cash capital increase from authorised capital and acquires all shares in URBANARA GmbH, Berlin, Germany
21/11/2019, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG Successfully Concludes Capital Increase with Gross Proceeds of approximately EUR 15.8 Million
20/11/2019, dgap.de: Correction: The Social Chain AG Resolves on a Capital Increase from Authorized Capital
20/11/2019, dgap.de: The Social Chain AG Resolves on a Capital Increase from Authorized Capital
21/06/2019, dgap.de: Lumaland AG führt Kapitalmaßnahmen durch und kündigt Übernahme von The Social Chain Group AG an
03/06/2019, dgap.de: Lumaland AG bestätigt Verhandlungen mit der The Social Chain Group AG
29/03/2019, dgap.de: Lumaland AG beschließt Barkapitalerhöhung unter Bezugsrechtsausschluss


Corporate News

Our Management Board

Wanja S. Oberhof


Wanja S. Oberhof has been an entrepreneur and investor for over 15 years. With WAOW Group, Oberhof has been concentrating on working with talented founders and investors to transform innovative ideas into future-oriented business models worldwide since 2011. This includes Uptech AG, which focuses on blockchain technologies and the company builder BridgeMaker GmbH. As CEO of Lumaland AG – a role he assumed in spring 2018 – Oberhof used his entrepreneurial skills and managed to write a rapidly growing buy-build success story. The focus was on strong own brands and profitability in the e-commerce sector. After the merger of the Social Chain Group AG with Lumaland AG, Oberhof became CEO of the newly formed The Social Chain AG in October 2019. Read more less

Ralf Dümmel


His career with DS Group began over thirty years ago, in 1988, as a sales assistant to the managing director and founder Dieter Schwarz. Just one year later, the qualified retail salesman took over full responsibility for purchasing and sales. He played a major role in developing DS Group and has been Managing Director since 1996. Under his leadership, the company with its headquarters in Stapelfeld near Hamburg and the logistics centre in Gallin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania developed into one of the most successful German trading companies. Since 2016, Ralf Dümmel has been an investor in the VOX start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen" (the German equivalent of the UK's "Dragons' Den" and "Shark Tank" in the US) and with each show, his popularity with the audience increases. Read more less

Christian Senitz


Christian Senitz started his finance career in China in 2001. He moved to Berlin to become a certified tax advisor and later a certified auditor at Ernst & Young where he gained experience both in audit and transactional projects in Europe and in 2005/06 in New York. In 2010, Christian moved to Luxembourg to assume a more operational role as part of the senior management of a Real Estate Fund. Between 2012 and 2019, Christian served as International CFO and later as SVP International Finance at Rocket Internet where he was actively involved in Rocket's IPO and later in the uplisting to the regulated market at Frankfurt Stock Exchange. During his tenure, he also built the Venture Capital and the Venture Debt structures within Rocket. Before joining the Social Chain AG, Christian Senitz gained operational experience as Managing Director and CFO of EyeEm, a technology-based B2B marketplace for stock images. On 1 March 2021, he joined Social Chain AG as Chief Financial Officer, serving as second Board member jointly with Wanja S. Oberhof. Read more less

Our Supervisory Board

Dr. Georg Kofler


Dr. Georg Kofler startet his media career in 1985 at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). Two years later Kofler moved to the KirchGruppe. In 1989, Kofler started the TV Channel ProSieben, which he developed into ProSieben Media AG, followed by the first major IPO of a German media company in 1997. Kofler was the first to introduce teleshopping to the German market, from 2000 to 2002 as CEO and major shareholder of H.O.T. Networks AG, which developed teleshopping throughout Europe. In 2002, Kofler took over the management of pay TV company Premiere, which was on the verge of insolvency. Kofler restructured Premiere, acquired 20 percent of the company himself and successfully floated Premiere on the stock exchange in 2005. He left the television industry in 2007 and invested in various companies, including in the field of energy efficiency and technology. The new developments in social media brought Kofler back into media in 2016: He has been the anchor shareholder and Chairman of Social Chain AG, which was founded through a merger between The Social Chain Group AG and Lumaland AG at the end of October 2019. He has been a panel member and investor at the popular TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen" (German version of the UK show “Dragons’ Den”) since 2017. Read more less

Henrike Luszick


Henrike Luszick is founder & CEO of the leading independent venture builder Bridgemaker. With Bridgemaker she has been bringing courage, innovation and entrepreneurship back to the economy since 2016 while partnering with corporations, hidden champions and family businesses. Luszick is experienced in business model innovation, digitalisation as well as new leadership. She spent several months abroad, i.e. China, England and Norway, which further deepened her international knowledge. Before initiating Bridgemaker, Luszick founded her first start-up immediately after finishing university, worked as a management consultant for several years and invested in different start-ups and businesses for a lot of different institutions and family businesses. Read more less

Henning Giesecke

Vice Chairman

Henning Giesecke has nearly 30 years‘ experience in banking and restructuring as well as in top management positions. Until 2009, he worked for UniCredit-Group as the UniCredit S.p.A. Chief Risk Officer and for the HypoVereinsbank AG. Having built up an extensive national and international network throughout his professional career, he is also a member of supervisory boards at various renowned companies and international financial institutions. Read more less

Die ordentliche Hauptversammlung der The Social Chain AG fand am Freitag, den 11. Dezember 2020, um 11.00 Uhr (MEZ), statt. 

Abstimmungsergebnisse finden Sie hier.

Investor Relations

Jana Walker