#BreakingSocial Ep 3: Snapchat in Turmoil

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It never rains but it pours… or at least that’s been the case for sSnapchat.

Facebook have dealt another catastrophic blow in the run-up to Snapchat’s IPO.

So, what’s the latest? WhatsApp – Facebook’s biggest ever acquisition – have unveiled a new photo and video sharing feature with stark similarities to Snapchat.

‘Status’ comes just weeks after Facebook Stories and a little over six months after Instagram Stories.

Suddenly Snapchat’s USP isn’t such a USP anymore. The move has led investors to question Snapchat’s future as a social media platform.

But there’s hope yet. Or is there? Snapchat is positioning themselves in a new light in a bid to move away from the social sphere. However, not everyone is convinced…

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