#BreakingSocial Ep 2: Trump Might’ve Just Saved Twitter

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Twitter is going through a bit of a rough patch.

Underwhelming growth and a $167m net loss in Q4 of 2016 has seen the platform’s value plummet in past weeks.

In a bid to prove its worth, CEO, Jack Dorsey, recently bought $7 million worth of company shares.

This very public demise has led to many critics predicting the end, but we wouldn’t sound the death knell just yet.

If the US presidential election has taught us anything, it’s that Twitter is still the platform of choice for breaking news and live world events.

So, has Trump saved Twitter? Steven Bartlett certainly thinks so. Check out what he had to say in episode 2 of The Drum’s #BreakingSocial…

Want to find out what the world really feels about Trump? This presidential-themed infographic has the answer.

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