Facebook Will One Day Read Your Thoughts

With the lines between social media and psychology continuing to blur, it won’t be long before platforms like Facebook are able to read your mind…

We’re referring to Facebook’s announcement at its recent F8 conference of course, along with Mark Zuckerberg’s disclosure that users will one day be able to type with their brain.

“Our brains produce enough data to stream 4 HD movies every second,” says the Facebook CEO. “The problem is that the best way we have to get information out into the world — speech — can only transmit about the same amount of data as a 1980s modem.”

Exciting stuff, right? Well, get this. Facebook are reportedly taking things a step further with technology that could soon use your webcam or smartphone to track your emotions.

Facebook are planning to use this data to inform the type of content that appears on your newsfeed.

According to CBI Insights, the social network has a patent already pending for this new and advanced technology. But the software manufacturer has criticised Facebook’s new tech, stating that it could be both a “PR and ethical minefield”.


What this mean for brands and content creators

First of all, it highlights the great significance of emotion-led content. At present, we use emotive videos and social-first assets to grab attention and attain high levels of engagement. Soon content creators brands will have no choice but to utilise emotion to be seen.

Currently, social listening tools like Crimson Hexagon allow us to analyse sentiment and emotion within social media posts and tweets, which we use to inform strategies and measure feeling.

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And while the question around ethics does warrant conversation, there can be no doubt that this direction toward deeper and more informed social media will likely be adopted by the wider industry and other platforms, like Instagram.

The power of emotion: are you harnessing feeling on social?

We recently penned a /Scribe post which analyses the function of the brain’s limbic system (our emotional centre). In the post, which you can read here, we spoke of the importance of engaging storytelling that taps into core human emotions.

How many times have you found yourself flicking through social media, through endless grey content that fails to resonate and makes no emotional impact? What reason would you have to engage? Be in no doubt, emotion makes the social world go round.

Want more? Check out how we harnessed emotion to hit 5.8 billion video views in just 12 months. Alternatively, get in contact to find out more about how we can future proof your brand within the digital sphere.

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