Facebook’s ‘Creepy’ Secret: Social Seeing

No platform has been more beneficial to brands and marketers than Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has commanded the social sphere with a sophisticated system of targeted ads.

Data is the difference, says Steven Bartlett. Facebook’s superior data set makes for powerful and precise ads that relate to their audiences, hence greater conversion.

Twin that with the platform’s 1.86 billion monthly users and it’s plain to see why Facebook remains the marketer’s choice.

But we’re only just scratching the surface. Image recognition, or ‘social seeing’, will be a key trend in 2017, says Tim Hyde [head of campaigns at Social Chain].

Image recognition will show brands when, where and how often other product or logo appears online.

In turn, this will help marketers and key decision makers to track the impact of sponsorships and user generated content.

We see this being of particular value to Instagram. The Facebook-owned platform has announced plans to become a marketplace.

Image recognition will allow Instagram to recognise products, such as a handbag or trainers. These will then direct to a product page where users can make a purchase.

We’ll be covering this topic in greater detail in the coming weeks. Look out for our series on the mechanics behind social seeing.

Social media is changing. Want to find out more? Watch our interview with Hannah Anderson [media director at Social Chain] on social as a new form of TV.
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