Women’s Day Everyday: Your Quote to Live By?

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra that inspires you, even when times are hard?

Today is International Women’s Day, a time to join forces and celebrate gender equality.

But why limit the celebrations to 24 short hours? We believe International Women’s Day? Shouldn’t we be celebrating the immeasurable contribution of women every day?

As part of our ongoing initiative, we’ve been speaking to the inspirational and empowered women who make Social Chain what it is.

They’ve kindly agreed to share a little Wednesday wisdom with a selection of quotes, mantras and life lessons that inspire them, not just on March 8th but every day…

Join The Campaign: #InternationalWomensEveryday

Of course, our work doesn’t stop here. Oh no. Sure, we’ve come a long way over the years, but there’s still plenty to be done.

This morning, we decided to take our message to the streets of Manchester with a giant 50-foot wide billboard.

Our collaboration with custom clothing and e-commerce platform Teespring also saw us team up with internationally acclaimed female graffiti collective, Nomad Clan.

The below artwork is the work of Cbloxx and AYLO, two Manchester artists who know their way around a spray can.

Taking inspiration from our very own Claire Fearon’s brilliant design, the two were able to get to work on an incredible mural in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Do you have an inspirational quote that gets you through the day? Maybe you’ve already seen the mural? Post your comments, pictures and tweets to our Twitter and Instagram.

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