Inside Our International Women’s Day Campaign

International Women’s Day is a time to stand up and acknowledge the profound contribution of women everywhere.

But just like Christmas, it’s here today and gone tomorrow. It’s over before you know it and that’s that for another 12 months.

In our opinion, 24 hours is simply not long enough to pay homage to the billions of mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, great-great-grandmothers, sisters, nieces, and aunts that make up this big old world.

One brand who shares this ethos is Teespring, an e-commerce platform that champions independent designers and creatives. The platform already features several female-led designs by both men and women.

international womens day

With Teespring’s backing, we decided to take this message to the streets of Manchester, in the heart of the city centre.

On 8th March 2017 (International Women’s Day), we broadcasted the hashtag #InternationalWomensEveryday onto a 50-foot wide billboard.

The campaign

Our aim was simple. Make people feel on one of the single most important days of the year. We did this using a simple, yet effective message; a comment on the need to champion diversity and gender equality at all times.


We also recruited commissioned acclaimed street artists Cbloxx and AYLO of female-led collective Nomad Clan to spray spraying an impressive mural, based on a design from our very own Claire Fearon.

The Spear Street artwork has taken centre stage in Manchester’s cosmopolitan, creative district, the Northern Quarter, and has already gained much attention from residents and passers-by.


Viral impact

As marketers, we have a duty to spread messages of goodwill, be that gender equality or other pressing world subjects. We chose to lead with a powerful statement to represent Teespring’s continual backing of International Women’s Day.

Hours after launching, #InternationalWomensEVERYday trended at number 4 in the UK, with an estimated audience of over 270 million people. The hashtag itself was used 11,341 times.

The above highlights the impact of a well-timed experiential stunt, and the importance of creating an emotional impact with a universal statement that audiences of all backgrounds can resonate with.

So, how did you celebrate International Women’s Day?

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