The Life and Times of a Social Chain Intern

Lucia Banjo has been finding her feet at Social Chain after joining us on an exciting 10-week placement.

Lucia, a University of Manchester business student, has swapped lectures for puppies, sleeping pods and innovative social media marketing.

She’s barely been here a week but has already made a long-lasting impression on the Social Chain team, working closely with Steven Bartlett [Social Chain’s CEO and founder] and the rest of the marketing team.

Luckily, she has kindly shared her experiences with /Scribe. So without further ado, I’ll hand over to Lucia…

How did you end up at Social Chain?

Scrolling through Facebook, I came across a TED talk by someone called Steven Bartlett.

Feeling inspired, I decided to do some more research. After finding out Social Chain was based in Manchester (lucky me), I knew it would be the ideal place to do my work placement.

I’d heard you had to be creative to get into Social Chain, but nevertheless, I still went ahead and tried a generic email asking for some work experience.  

However, I’d have to be savvy to catch Social Chain’s attention – after all, they’ve had owls flying CVs into the office.

I didn’t get a response so I tried to be more proactive, using what I was good at to get me in touch with someone working at social chain: social media stalking.

I stalked the entire Social Chain team on LinkedIn and eventually got lucky, finding Josh- who previously studied my course. Two months after sending that initial message and here I am.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been intrigued by Social Chain – the unique culture, head of happiness, and an average age of just 22? Does such a place really exist?

What did you make of your first day?

My first day was particularly daunting, especially after hearing I was going to be initiated. Coming from uni where initiations usually mean binge drinking, being sick and often a nasty food challenge, I was apprehensive.

In the end, the initiation turned out to be a lot better than I had planned. Of course, I can’t actually divulge any details about what actually happened – it still remains a bit of a Social Chain secret. However, it was a really nice way of meeting the team.

Going home on my second day, I couldn’t help thinking where else would I get free champagne on my first day, the cutest dogs and get to work around such talented people?

What projects have you been in so far?

I did some further work for Steven on my second day, finding key events and key speaking opportunities to help spread the word about Social Chain.

I still find it crazy that it was my job is to scour the web Instagram accounts that I would follow anyway. Who knew my Instagram obsession would one day come in handy?

On my third day, I joined forces with the Student Problems team, whose Facebook page boasts an incredible three million followers.

My role was to help the team source and manage viral content and submission that had been sent into Student Problems, by students around the UK.

One particular submission caught my eye – a Snapchat video of a student turning up to a lecture in a t-shirt with the caption ‘I have given up’.

Spotting a golden opportunity for content, we immediately chose to upload the video to Student Problems’ Facebook page. The video has now received over half a million views and counting!

So, will you stay?

So far, I’m a week into my placement and it’s been a really interesting week working at Social Chain. It was great to meet Steve in person and I am really looking forward to the next nine weeks…

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