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New Faces at Social Chain

Starting a new job can be tough, but first day nerves are often short lived at Social Chain.

Last week, we welcomed a brand new wave of talented recruits to our Manchester HQ to assist with our ever expanding team.

So far, they’ve made a huge impact, having passed our gruelling initiation process with flying colours – think Bear Grylls’ Born Survivor, but worse.

So with the formalities (bottle flipping) out the way, a few of the guys have kindly agreed to share details of their journey and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Mark Dandy, Influencer Relationship Manager at Social Chain


Standing out is key to impressing and nothing impresses us more than a creative and innovative CV or job application.

We received Mark’s (@Dandymancan1) in the form of a recorded FIFA match, complete with post-match analysis.

Suffice to say we were blown away by his FIFA inspired application, which featured members of the Social Chain team. You can check it out here.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Mark…

I did a degree in business management at the University of Surrey, with a focus towards marketing communications & strategy, before working in advertising sales for a few years.

After growing frustrated in an advertising sales environment for a limited product base, I decided I wanted to join an agency to get my creative juices flowing.

Unfortunately, a career switch was quite difficult, and nobody would give me a chance without prior experience. So, I decided to start my own agency to gain more experience.

Sophie Chapman, PA for Social Chain CEO Steven Bartlett


Sophie (@Sophie_Chapman) joins Steven Bartlett’s team as his new personal assistant, but it’s our resident French Bulldog puppy, Pablo, who has been keeping her busy this past week.

Hailing from London by way of Liverpool, Sophie has worked for a host of well-known faces in the world of music and sport, before joining the party.

What brings you to Social Chain?

The plan is for me to get Steve from A to B via XYZ and the moon if need be. Ultimately, I work with creative people to make their lives as chilled and as stress-free as possible!

This usually involves the typical duties of a PA, but it has on occasion been as glamourous as bra-washing and spot squeezing for past clients (googly eyes emoji).

Zac Hancock, Campaign Manager


Elsewhere, Zac (@OriginalHancock) has joined the team as a campaign manager, putting his creative ideas to the test in the name of engagement.

The well-coiffed Falmouth University graduate brings with him bags of experience following stints at Spotify and Seed Marketing, where he worked as a brand ambassador and intern respectively.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far?

This is a hard one. I believe learning from all your mistakes is equally as valuable. However, one motto that I do live by is ‘do not be regretful of the mistakes that you have made’.

Just learn from them, and don’t make the same mistake twice. It’s fine to fail, as that’s when you learn the most.

If you persistently try and try, you will get to your end goal and have the confidence that you will get there.

Isaac Martin, Campaign Designer


Last but not least is Isaac (@IAmIsaacMartin) who joins the campaigns team as a campaign designer with a particular interest in live streaming.

Isaac initially had ambitions to go into journalism, before finding an untapped talent for the creative side of the industry – a realisation that would later lead him to pursue marketing.

Tell us about your story…

University gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and to realign my career focus to marketing. It was here that I discovered a passion for design.

There is always something happening in this industry. It means that you’re always on the lookout for new and creative ways to do things and experimentation is encouraged.

When you can be a part of the change, that’s when things get exciting!

But the story doesn’t end there. We’ll also be catching up with Becci Fahey who has recently come on board as a social media manager and Alfie Adamson who has recently joined us as a data analyst.

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