What Do a Million Likes Mean, Anyway?

Brands have long measured their success on social against shares, impressions and likes, but few marketers have been able to gauge the true value of these vanity metrics.

Measuring success on a case by case basis

It may sound flippant, but there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to measuring your success on social.

One of our landmark stunts, the Boohoo Ice Sculpture, reached a total of 2,278,261 people, thus achieving a total 1,323,274 engagements, including 332,895 video views at the time.

However the real results came from the buzz and excitement created around these brands. Boohoo saw an immediate increase in both Facebook followers and traffic to the website.

Likewise, inspiration can be drawn from our work Hungry House around their #LoveTakeaway incentive. Working with the brand, we managed to reach 977,177 people with a total 194,263 video views.

The numbers are impressive but it’s what came after engagement that has been most valuable. As a direct result, Hungry House have seen hundreds of extra acquisitions.

What does this mean in the grand scheme of things?

In this first installment of the Ever-Changing Landscape, Mike Blake-Crawford gives his thoughts on the state of social media in 2017, amidst calls for greater transparency around results…

So, why this sudden shift toward social?

According to Mike, marketers have enjoyed a period of grace which has enabled most to hide behind record-breaking engagement, without really querying the impact.

As social media continues to develop and prove its worth as an invaluable marketing tool, more and more brands are turning their backs on traditional marketing.

Social ad spend is rapidly outgrowing traditional print and TV, as evidenced by Facebook’s continuing shift toward the role of a content distribution platform.

But to base social media success solely on engagement figures alone would be to miss the point entirely. In essence, it doesn’t matter even if you manage to go viral with a ground-breaking meme.

When talking about real, quantifiable results, we prefer to shift the focus away from engagement and toward other performance metrics that make a real difference.

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The outlook for 2017

If we can draw one conclusion from Mike’s 2017 predictions for social, it’s that the most important shift for marketers will be the ways in which we measure success.

The onus now is on those working in the social sphere to prove their worth by quantifying campaigns, stunts and all aspects of social in a way that adds value to a client.

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