Why are Influencers so Afraid of Selling Out?

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You can’t help but admire the entrepreneurial spirit of influencers.

What started out as a bedroom hobby has turned many savvy millennials into millionaires.

From tech to beauty, influencers have become modern day celebrities by virtue of lucrative brand endorsements and sponsored content – you’ve got hand it to them!

But at what point do these ties become unethical? Here our Head of Talent, Sean Brown, turns his attention to FOSO (the fear of selling out) and influencer marketing in 2017…

A change in attitudes

For brands, making the most of influencer marketing is all about choosing the right influencer for the job.

It’s all about relevance and working with talent whose audiences will likely be engaged by your product.

An example of this is our influencer-led campaign with Huawei, which saw us collaborate with UK Internet star and tech guru SuperSaf and a host of top vloggers.

We knew that Super Saf’s 519,000+ followers would be engaged by a showcase of the Carrera Mate S mobile.

By working with several key influencers, we were able to generate two million YouTube views and 13,587,159 overall impressions.

The future of influencer marketing

So, where does this leave the future of influencer marketing? Sean predicts this burgeoning industry to mature in 2017 following years of growth.

If you would like to discuss your brand’s Influencer Marketing Strategy just drop a line, or fill out the contact form below.

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