Will Snapchat Decide the UK’s Snap Election?

Brexit, immigration, tax and the future of the NHS have all been key topics in this year’s ‘snap election’, but it’s the ‘youth vote’ that’s had most people talking.

Widespread apathy and poor turnout among millennials and Gen Z has been a major issue in recent years, leading Britain’s main parties to rethink their strategies in a bid to reconnect.

So, how do the UK’s political powerhouses plan to do this? Through social media, of course. According to the Labour Party, social will have a ‘significant impact’ in the run-up to next month’s vote.

Such a statement has led many to question the impact of targeted Facebook ads and the echo chamber that is Twitter.

Some have even called on influencers to take an active role by urging young people to vote, which draws parallels the grime community’s endorsement of Jeremy Corbyn through the hashtag #Grime4Corbyn.

But not everyone agrees. We recently weighed in on the debate with a little help from our very own head of talent, Sean Brown, and political journalist Sam Delaney.

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