Social Chain x Buffer Report: 50% of Marketers Will Underestimate Messaging Apps in 2019

Social Chain x Buffer: State of Social 2019

  • 61% of marketers plan to invest in Stories ads in 2019
  • Just 6% of respondents said influencer marketing guidelines are ‘very clear’
  • 50% of marketers are not planning to use messaging apps in 2019



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Thousands of marketers rely on Buffer’s annual State of Social report to find out how brands across the globe view social media. Social Chain has played a vital part in the thinking behind 2019’s report with two clear aims: to make sense of the fragmented world of social right now and to predict the future for your brand, covering everything from Stories ads to influencer marketing. See below for some of the report’s biggest highlights or click here to read State of Social 2019 in full.

Stories ads are the next major frontier for paid social

We asked Buffer’s audience how effective they had found the use of Stories for social media marketing; 57% of brands said that Stories has been ‘somewhat effective’ or ‘very effective’ as a part of their social media strategy. And, despite the majority of brands not investing in Stories in 2018, 62% plan to do so in 2019 – confirming our predictions that vertical video will be the leading form of content this year.

Will you ride the wave of Stories in 2019? Here’s everything you need to know  >> 


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Influencer marketing remains highly effective, but guidelines must be clearer

Brands are still pumping money into influencer marketing, as 37% of respondents confirm that they are currently investing in influencers. However, 23% of brands are ‘unconvinced’ about the impact of influencer marketing on their brand, and the ‘vast majority’ of marketers are ‘confused’ by the guidelines surrounding influencer marketing. Only 6% of respondents said influencer marketing guidelines are ‘very clear’, and over half believe the current guidelines are ‘unclear’ or ‘very unclear’.

Be in the know. Read the full report to learn the stats shaping influencer marketing in 2019 >>


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Messaging apps hold high potential but are ‘overlooked’ by most brands

Private messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, provide brands and marketers with a means to reach their audience on a direct, mobile-first basis, and forge meaningful relationships with their customers quickly and in a cost-effective manner. But despite this, almost three-quarters of respondents (71%) said that they do not use messaging apps as part of their marketing strategy. Further to that, our research found that 50% of marketers are not planning to use messaging apps in 2019, either.

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Read the full report

In total, 1,842 marketers contributed to the State of Social 2019 report. Just under half (49.5%) of the people who took the survey work at companies with fewer than 10 full-time staff. A further 20.5% work at companies with between 11-50 full-time team members. To read the full report and find out what our data had to say about third-party tools, how most brands are measuring ROI and which platforms and metrics mean the most to today’s marketers and much, much more, download the State of Social 2019 by clicking here.


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