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These 10 Social Stats Will Blow Your Mind

You hardly need us to explain the significance of social media in today’s modern world, but we will anyway.

We’ve compiled 10 mind-blowing social statistics for you to impress your friends, colleagues, and pretty much everyone you know with a Facebook account…

10. More people own a smartphone than a toothbrush


Our research shows that Generation Z access content on an average five separate devices, including mobile.

9. 85% of people watch social video on silent


That means subtitles. Always.

8. One billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day

And we can guarantee a large proportion of that is thanks to the rise of influencers and vloggers. Want to find out more? The biggest secret in influencer marketing is out.

7. Facebook video consumption is 2x the global average in the Middle East


It turns out Facebook is big in Dubai.

6. It would take 158 years to watch a day’s worth of Snapchat Stories


Snapchat remains the platform of choice for younger audiences, but will it survive? Here’s what Steve Bartlett thinks…

5. The use of puns in social media posts releases over 1500% more dopamine than those without


Science suggests emotion-led social media can replicate the effects of certain pleasure-inducing stimuli, such as eating, exercise and sex. Marketers, you need to read this.

4.  There are over 1,085 officially recognised emojis


What’s your favourite?

3. The most popular Instagram filter is Clarendon


Pablo certainly agrees.

2. Facebook will have added approximately 240 new profiles by the time you finish this list


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