Warner Bros. Records tasked Social Chain with delivering a social-first marketing strategy to help raise awareness around several major new tracks: Arman Cekin & Snoop Dogg’s ‘California Dreaming’ and Jason Derulo & Nicki Minaj’s ‘Swalla’.

We responded with an innovative influencer marketing and amplification campaign to place both songs into the subconscious minds of Warner’s target audience. To do this, we created a string of original viral videos, using both tracks as a sound bed.

Using the hashtags #Swalla and #CaliforniaDreaming to increase exposure of each track, we successfully drove over 8.7 million engagements around our Swalla campaign with a 48% engagement rate – industry avg. 3% for sponsored posts.

Both campaigns had a profound impact on ROI, both in awareness and in streams; California Dreaming saw Spotify streams increased by over 21% in a single day and successfully trended at number one on Twitter.

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