• Melissa Harvey
  • 1 min

X has upgraded its paid offering for brands with the promise of doubling your reach 

X, previously known as Twitter, has improved its Verified Organisations programme to entice brands into paying for a gold tick.  

It comes as Elon Musk announces X’s paid subscription offering Twitter Blue will soon be renamed to X Premium as part of the wider Twitter/X rebrand.  

The upgraded package for brands includes increased visibility for organic posts and specialist support, with a pledge to respond to any questions about X within 30 minutes.    

X is also introducing on-profile job listings for subscribers in the US after the feature was spotted in testing last month. 

Does this make Verified Organisations a worthwhile offering for brands?

Faster response times and dedicated account support could be valuable for brands seeking prompt solutions or assistance with account issues. 

The ability to post open job listings is also a handy addition, especially if you have a strong presence on the platform or rely on it for recruitment purposes.   

The main pull, however, is the promise of doubling your organic reach without the need for advertising. As more recommended content surfaces on users’ For You feeds, it becomes crucial to maintain reach amidst potential clutter. 

Still, it’s a high price to pay – and subscribing may not be a worthwhile move right now while the platform is undergoing a major rebrand.