• Melissa Harvey
  • 1 min

You’ll face new consequences if you don’t keep up Facebook Group admin activity

Meta has implemented new consequences for Facebook Group admins who don’t moderate consistently.

If admins aren’t active with their Group moderation, Facebook will send them a warning. They’ll be replaced by another Group member within a week if they fail to comply. 

Meta’s current policy states: “If a group has no admins, Facebook may suggest that some members become an admin based on many signals. 

Signals include their current level of participation and whether they are an admin of any other Facebook groups. 

Facebook may also archive the group if there are no admins for a while.”

What this means for the future of your Facebook Group:

No one wants their group to be full of spam, but no one wants this less than Facebook – which, needless to say, has a vested interest in keeping Groups a valuable space for both users and advertisers.

So don’t consider this move too drastic. It’s essentially Facebook’s attempt to bring moderation up to scratch, which it would rather do than lose large groups and all the opportunities for engagement and ads that come with them.