• Melissa Harvey
  • 2 min

YouTube has spilled the beans on what you should prioritise when making Shorts

YouTube has released a new video with Shorts Product Lead Todd Sherman, answering some FAQs on Shorts. 

There’s advice on hashtags, how often you should post, the Shorts algorithm, and what’s coming next.

Among his pointers, Sherman says there’s no plans to make Shorts any longer, as YouTube already offers longform content.

Looking ahead, we can expect Shorts to integrate AI elements. 

Although we don’t have more specific details, we might soon see some kind of generative tools that help you work smarter, not harder when creating and editing Shorts videos.

YouTube’s advice for your Shorts strategy:

Think audience, not algorithm. It’s focused more on engagement signals than main YouTube, and is very broad reaching. 

Hashtags are helpful to categorise topics and you should consider using them in moderation, but are by no means necessary to reach people. 

Quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter how many Shorts you post, it apparently has no bearing on how many views you get overall. However, posting lots of low quality clips won’t be rewarded by the algorithm.

Don’t delete and re-upload. It doesn’t boost your reach – in fact, even though it was an early growth hack strategy, YouTube will now start to flag this as spam.