Building Connections in the Age of the Disconnect

Welcome to SocialMinds Live 2024! We’re so excited to have you join us.  

Today, you’ll hear inspiring keynotes, provocative panels and outcome-focused debate to help your brand overcome the disconnect between how people engage with social and the way brands show up in the space. 

Check out the agenda below and we’ll see you at the bar. 

Today's agenda

12:00 – 12:45 - Registration, brunch and coffee

Settle in, grab a cuppa and a breakfast muffin and get ready for a day of talking social with us.

With SocialChain’s CEO Pete Metcalfe

With Sarah Sutton, Global Media Director at Oatly 

Learn what makes a distinctive brand on social with Sarah Sutton, global media director for the most recognisable oat milk brand beloved by Swedes and millennials alike: Oatly. 

With Leah Silverlock, Global Director of Social Media at American Express GBT; Jake Gauntlett, Head of Content at MOB; and Tom Bellamy, Executive Creative Director at SocialChain 

Go beyond marketers’ favourite buzzword and find out what nurturing community actually looks like – with American Express, Mob and SocialChain.

It’s time to mingle. Head back to the bar – the tea, coffee and snacks await.

With Tobi Demuren, Head of Advocacy Marketing at LinkedIn; Matthew Siberry, Head of Home at Pinterest UK; and Molly Rajanathan; Agency Solutions at Meta 

Our second panel brings together major social platforms to advise on the formats, campaigns and ad solutions that will help you drive engagement across each channel. 

With Ric Hayes, Group Strategy Director at SocialChain, Hannah Kimuyu, MD of Performance at Brave Bison; and Angie French, Former Director, Northern Europe Marketing Science at Meta 

Measuring social’s effectiveness can be a minefield. Not any more. We’ll simplify what it means to know how hard your ads are working – and show you exactly where to start. 

Just enough time to grab a quick drink (this time, there’s beers at the bar!) and head back into the screening room for our last panel of the day.

With Gareth Harrison, Senior Strategist at SocialChain; Amelia Wollaston, Head of Influencer at SocialChain; and Eva Bojtos, Director of Social Media & Influencers at SharkNinja 

A good social strategy has to be a lot of things. Complicated shouldn’t be one of them. Go behind the curtain of our award-winning work with SharkNinja and discover how you can future-proof yours. 

Our CEO Pete Metcalfe wraps up the day’s key learnings, plus info on how you can get in touch with us to continue the conversation. 

Grab a drink, you’ve earned it! We’ll see you at the bar for some beers, burgers and plenty of Prosecco. 

Meet the speakers

Sarah Sutton

Global Media Director, Oatly

Leah Silverlock

Global Director of Social Media, American Express GBT

Eva Bojtos

Director of Social Media & Influencers, SharkNinja

Jake Gauntlett

Head of Content, Mob

Tobi Demuren

Head of Advocacy Marketing, LinkedIn

Tom Bellamy

Executive Creative Director, SocialChain

Matthew Siberry

Head of Home, Pinterest UK

Molly Rajanathan

Agency Solutions, Meta

Angie French

Former Director, Northern Europe Marketing Science, Meta

Gareth Harrison

Senior Strategist, SocialChain

Amelia Wollaston

Head of Influencer, SocialChain

Hannah Kimuyu

Managing Director (Performance), Brave Bison

Our Hosts

Pete Metcalfe

CEO, SocialChain

Eve Young

SocialMinds Podcast Host

Ric Hayes

Group Strategy Director

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