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Steven Bartlett gives his thoughts on WhatsApp's new photo and video sharing feature. Is this the end for Snapchat?

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Facebook's 'Creepy' Secret

What is social seeing? Facebook has an ace up its sleeve and it isn't live. Tim Hyde muses on the key trends that will define 2017.

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A new form of television?

As media director, it's Hannah Anderson's job to oversee our network of 400 pages and communities. Here she discusses social as a new form of television.

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Europe's Largest Student Community

Michael Martin and Alex Brown have grown Student Problems from the ground up. With over three million followers and counting. Here's how they did it.

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Has Trump Saved Twitter?

Is the end in sight for Twitter? Steven Bartlett turns his attention to the ailing platform and the impact of Trump in episode 2 of #BreakingSocial.

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Why are Influencers Afraid of Selling Out?

Why are Influencers so Afraid of Selling Out? Sean Brown, turns his attention to FOSO (the fear of selling out) and influencer marketing in 2017.

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