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Take Back Control

Take back control. Following recent controversy surrounding Google, we're urging brands to reclaim power through native advertising on social media.

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New Faces at Social Chain

Mark, Sophie, Zac and Carl have been at Social Chain little over a week. Nevertheless, they've already made a huge impact during their short time with us.

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Inside #InternationalWomensEveryday

#InternationalWomensEveryday. is about celebrating equality and the contribution of women everywhere, every single day.

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International Women's Day, Everyday

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra that inspires you, even when times are hard? Find out what the women of Social Chain had to say!

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Social Chain on VICE News

Ever wondered what a typical day at Social Chain looks like? We recently opened our doors to VICE News for a behind-the-scenes tour of our Manchester HQ.

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Snapchat in Turmoil

Steven Bartlett gives his thoughts on WhatsApp's new photo and video sharing feature. Is this the end for Snapchat?

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