• Rory Sutherland
  • 69 min

Rory Sutherland: How Businesses Should Cater to the Neurodivergent

Herd behaviour and social proof simply don’t apply to one bigger-than-you-think group, who’re less affected by what other people think and more likely to follow their own rules: the neurodivergent. Whether that means autistic, ADHD, or simply self-identified on the spectrum, they’re each consuming media, tech, and advertising differently to the majority. That’s impacting our work’s effectiveness.

In this episode we’re joined by Rory Sutherland, to discuss how catering for the neurodivergent, the disabled, and the elderly means catering for everybody, and what can happen for a brand when you do. We also talk about the most effective media, methods and means for doing this – plus lots more on our behaviour and relationship with tech.

Rory Sutherland - Ogilvy March 2023 (69 min)