• Carmella Boykin
  • 38 min

The Washington Post: Making TikToks to Tell the News

TikTok is the fastest-growing source of news for adults. But can journalists re-engage younger viewers with traditional media through modern channels? Legacy outlet The Washington Post was among the first to embrace TikTok with open arms, and now the rest are following suit. In this episode we sit down with the person behind the TikToks from ‘We are a newspaper’ @washingtonpost – Carmella Boykin. We talk about how to translate the news into ‘TikTok speak’ without losing the information’s integrity, what to do when the comments section takes on a life of its own, and the line between UGC that gives mass reach to untold voices, and the need for professional reporting and photo-journalism.

Carmella Boykin - The Washington Post May 2023 (38 min)