The Linkup: Emma Lyskava

For our second instalment of The Linkup, the series that brings you the people behind our award-winning work, our content marketer Melissa sat down with SocialChain’s senior creator Emma Lyskava.

How turns search trends into TikTok travel tips

Whether you’re a customer or you’ve seen the star-studded TV spots, is far and away from the underdog in the travel industry. But why does a brand this well-known need social to stay top-of-mind for holidaymakers? The brand’s global social media director Laura Kaye tells us more.

Rethinking partnerships: Why a back seat approach to influencer marketing won’t cut it

Let’s be clear: brands aren’t underestimating the value and significance of creators in today’s shifting industry. The problem is, most brands don’t have a fully-fledged creator strategy that works for them.  

Creator content doesn’t automatically guarantee better content. It’s important to know which creators are the best fit for your brand and your goals, and approach collaborations in a way that will benefit all parties involved.

How Mob nails lo-fi, high quality content in a saturated feed  

Any Gen Z foodie will have no doubt seen a Mob video pop up on their feed in the past week. And if you’re not either of those things, you’ve probably heard of Mob because its seamless brand partnerships, creator-led content and dynamic recipe videos are a shining example to brands in any industry.  

The Linkup: Mariya Spektor

This is The Linkup, SocialChain’s new series bringing you the people behind our award-winning work. For the debut interview, our content marketer Melissa chatted to SocialChain US’s director of content for social media Mariya Spektor.

How community recommendations are turning Redditors into brand loyalists

“Community” is a borderline marketing buzzword these days, but there’s no better description for a platform like Reddit. It’s literally built on communities – whether that’s your interests, your need to discuss the latest Love Island episode or your questions about whether the chicken you’ve had in the fridge for a week is safe to […]