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  • Melissa Harvey
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Building Robust Measurement with Angie French, Ric Hayes & Hannah Kimuyu

When it comes to measurement, brands are missing a trick. Often, measurement sits at the end of the campaign process. What most brands fail to understand is that it really belongs at the start. In the words of our group strategy director Ric Hayes, it’s a parachute – it should be there to help creatives judge how effective their work needs to be before they land.  

What’s more, social’s KPIs often seem disconnected to marketing effectiveness principles. Instead of prioritising reaching new audiences, brands focus on engaging small parts of the market with short-term quick wins like promotions, just to get some interaction. 

All this, and brands are still missing a crucial precursor to measurement: setting objectives that align with their business goals. All this to say measurement is a complex beast – and it’s hard for brands to know where to start. 

Brave Bison’s Managing Director for Performance Hannah Kimuyu has some wise advice: Understand your audience. Seems like marketing 101, right? Not for some. “There’s an abundance of data out there, so use it to understand who your audience is and how they want to be engaged with, not how we think they want to be engaged with. Then your performance campaigns will be an enjoyable, fun experience for your audience.” 

“We think about measurement as rooted in data and facts. Reality is, you need to think creatively about measurement, particularly in the social space. 90% of the measurement you need to do is outside of what the platforms will tell you.” 

-Angie French, Founder, ALF Consulting

And if there’s one thing ALF Consulting’s founder Angie French wants you to know, it’s this: attribution is dead. While performance marketers have become over-reliant on attribution models, Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) – once a heavy-lift, broad measurement technique – has become more sophisticated. Granted, it is more of an investment, but it’s a worthy one if you want to know just how hard your ads are working. 

“If you’re feeling confident in your attribution model, you’re at the most risk of making mistakes,” says Angie. “Now is the time to leverage open-source tools to bring MMM and platform data closer together to make informed decisions.” Time to draft a retirement plan for your last-click attribution models!  

Angie, Ric and Hannah explore all this and so much more in the penultimate session of our SocialMinds LIVE event Building Connections in the Age of the Disconnect.  

Watch the recording now and find out how you can build reliable measurement models for the future, including:

  • What you can do to lessen the impact of a world without cookies on your performance campaigns 
  • How you should approach measuring owned and earned organic social output 
  • Easy actionables to move your measurement game forward 

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Building Robust Measurement
Building Robust Measurement May 2024 (37 min)