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  • Sophie Trinder
  • 49 min

Twitter: Brand Behaviour Has Become Bland Behaviour

Brand Twitter has subscribed to one way of doing things for the last few years, following brandter trends and popular text meme formats. Now Twitter is politely asking us to stop. Here to walk us through its #RealTalk report among other learnings is Sophie Trinder, head of the company’s UK brand strategy team Twitter Next. She warns of drowning in the sea of same and, instead of following the platform’s supposed rules, has tips for brands on their tone, topics and community to ensure your brand stand outs by being uniquely itself. Expect to learn best practice for the bio, how the humble follow feature made a standout campaign execution, and what data says people really want to hear from brands (it’s not a RIP tribute to Her Late Majesty the Queen).

Sophie Trinder - Twitter Next October 2022 (49 min)