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  • Vikki Ross
  • 50 min

Vikki Ross: How to Build a Brand With Words

Tone of voice documents and brand guidelines are the business staple that most brands don’t have. And if they do, it’s probably not as thorough or as thoughtful as it needs to be. Today’s guest, copy chief and brand and TOV consultant Vikki Ross, has written for or created brand books Nando’s, Harvey Nichols, Sky, Sony, ITV, and more. In this episode, she shows us how copywriting goes beyond captions for the brands that really get it, and how words can be your best friend when building your brand – which is what advertising is all about. Expect to learn Vikki’s copywriting principles and how to apply them, why you have to get granular when crafting a persona for your brand, and how to make words count, make words work, and make words dance.

Vikki Ross - Copywriting November 2022 (50 min)

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