The Linkup: Kieran Hughes

For the third instalment of The Linkup, the series that brings you the people behind our award-winning work, our content marketer Melissa chats to SocialChain’s strategist Kieran Hughes.

Social in Six 84

1. Instagram could introduce unskippable ads   The story:  So what?  This is a bold move, mainly because it comes with significant risk to the user experience. But, for brands, this could be an incredibly rich area to play in when done right. Think of this as your elevator pitch to audiences. The goal here […]

Our top takeaways from SocialMinds Live 2024

We’ve dissected the day’s panels and discussions from our SocialMinds LIVE event Building Connections in the Age of the Disconnect into our top takeaways and actionables that you can take into your
own work and strategy.