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  • Melissa Harvey
  • 1 min

TikTok wants your ads to appear in in-app search results 

TikTok is making it easier for brands to tap into rising interest in the app’s search function with its latest ad update.

Advertisers now have the option to toggle on Search Ads when choosing the placement of their ad campaigns. When this is enabled, TikTok will place ads in search results for relevant keywords, terms and queries.   

These Search Ads show your paid videos with a Sponsored tag in the in-app search results. 

The implications for TikTok advertisers:

TikTok has offered Search Ads since last year, but this update lets advertisers toggle this option on for any and all campaigns, meaning they’re eligible to be shown in TikTok’s search engine results page.  

The platform says it’s a way for brands to extend the reach of their campaigns to “high-intent users who are seeking information relevant to their business, driving incremental engagement and revenue potential”.

It’s activated as a default, so if for any reason you want to disable this feature, you’ll need to do this manually.