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  • Melissa Harvey
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Building Engaging Campaigns with LinkedIn, Pinterest & Meta

The rules of engagement change every day. What holds an audience’s interest today may not tomorrow.

Staying on top of that is a challenge within itself. Some brands think overcoming that challenge comes down to playing the algorithm, while others think it relies on an ability to hold our attention in a saturated feed through tapping into culture, speaking to a niche, or even drumming up soft shock value.

But who among them are right? There’s nobody better to ask than the ones who write the rules: the platforms themselves.

Of course, the answer to what’s engaging users differs depending on the platform in question. For LinkedIn, engaging means content that gets you to lean in. Maybe that’s by making you laugh or sitting up straighter in your seat. On Pinterest, it’s about creating content that appeals to Pinners’ unique buyer’s mindset. And on Meta, engaging content is content that’s shown to the right people at the right time.

Combining brand campaign and creator campaign content for Meta’s ad campaigns is estimated to give you 140% higher brand impact than if used alone.

When it comes to B2B, LinkedIn’s head of advocacy marketing Tobi Demuren says brands are sitting on a secret weapon: their CEO. “Your CEO and your company should be intrinsically linked,” he explains. People respond to people, so leverage the platform’s Thought Leader ads to turn insights or high performing posts from your CEO into a sponsored post from your company Page.

And here’s some surprising advice for your Pinterest campaigns courtesy of its head of home Matthew Siberry: ads don’t need to be as aesthetic as you think. Shopping is huge on Pinterest, so no matter how beautiful your ads are, they need the practicality factor – for example, showing your products on various models and easily signposting to your site to purchase. “Pinterest users are showing up ready to be sold to, so show up as a brand. Don’t try to mask it, and don’t worry too much about meeting the ‘Pinterest aesthetic’.”

Finally, when it comes to Facebook, Instagram and Threads, we should all be testing more – a lot more. That’s according to Molly Rajanathan, agency solutions at Meta. “Aim for once a month. If you run 15 tests a year for two years, whether they’re high or low lift, your performance will be 45% better than if you hadn’t tested at all.”

If you need a new rule of thumb, try this: 70% of the time, follow best practice; 10% of the time, try new placements, platforms or features, and spend the other 10% of the time scaring yourself with high-risk, high-reward strategies.

So how else can brands take heed from social platforms and ensure their campaigns cut the mustard?

For the second panel of our SocialMinds LIVE event Building Connections in the Age of the Disconnect, Tobi, Matthew and Molly came together to advise brands on the formats, campaigns and ad solutions that will help you drive engagement across each channel.

Expect to learn:

  • Tobi’s tips for distinctive LinkedIn ads – and better performing results
  • The ad types and campaign styles striking a chord with Pinners right now
  • Why you should land your key message in the first three seconds of your Meta ads

Download our key takeaways report from SocialMinds LIVE now.

Building Engaging Campaigns
Building Engaging Campaigns May 2024 (47 min)