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  • Melissa Harvey
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Rethinking partnerships: Why a back seat approach to influencer marketing won’t cut it

Let’s be clear: brands aren’t underestimating the value and significance of creators in today’s shifting industry. The problem is, most brands don’t have a fully-fledged creator strategy that works for them.  

Creator content doesn’t automatically guarantee better content. It’s important to know which creators are the best fit for your brand and your goals, and approach collaborations in a way that will benefit all parties involved.

Work smarter 

The last thing you want out of a creator collaboration is inauthentic content that fails to resonate. Keep these tips in mind and your partnerships will be easy as ABC (literally). 

  • Adaptable. Be flexible with your brief and allow for creative freedom. Creators understand what appeals to their audience and can capture their attention in an authentic way – lean into this! 
  • Balanced. The most effective creator advertisements strike a balance, incorporating just the right amount of brand messaging or product placement to engage the audience without overwhelming them. To see what that looks like, read our latest article on Mob’s creator-led content.
  • Collaborative. Creators are more than just marketing channels; they’re human beings. They choose their brand partnerships carefully, and a positive, respectful working experience will benefit you both. 

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Choose smarter 

With so much choice, sourcing the right creator for your campaign can feel like a minefield. Use your campaign objectives and creative route to guide the metrics you want to focus on. Remember to look beyond follower count – as the majority of today’s social content is video, metrics like views and impressions are more accurate numbers to go by when evaluating a creator.

You should also consider your creator’s audience. Social platforms – especially Instagram and TikTok – are doubling down on discoverability, meaning audience demographics like location and age matter less than they used to. Algorithm permitting, your content has the potential to reach people outside the creator’s immediate following – so keep that in mind when presenting them with your brief.  

Think smarter 

Don’t think about creators in silo. Most brands see creators as a partner for a one-off social activation. But with time and effort, there’s more you can do to get the most out of each and every collaboration. 

It might be tempting to aim high and set your sights on a large-scale, high-profile influencer for a single campaign. But by researching and seeking out smaller, less established creators and developing a long-term strategy to work with them across various campaigns, you’ll have a better working relationship and can capitalise on their growth as they build their following. That way, both the creator and their audience will know that your partnership isn’t just surface level. 

And remember, creators are also your consumers. Invest in nurturing meaningful relationships with them, and your campaigns will be all the better for it. 

Three pointers for a smart creator strategy

You already know you need to work, choose and think smarter. But how do you carry that out on every level, from the day-to-day to the big picture?

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