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  • Scott Dunn
  • 36 min

Doing Things Media: When Creators Become Business Empires

Recess Therapy host Julian Shapiro-barnum (the creator behind the viral Corn Kid video) didn’t achieve his success solo. Behind him, and a portfolio of several other creators in the industry’s top 10%, sits management, a media consultant, and business partner all rolled into one.

Today’s guest, Scott Dunn of Doing Things Media, joins us to demystify the ever-important and changing creator economy – and where brands fit in this brave new world. One key point we address: what would motivate creators to promote a brand’s product or business, when they can build their own? In this, expect insight on how to work within new creator expectations, what tips the scale between another average influencer and the next big thing, and what led to one kid’s autotuned outburst shifting the global corn market. 

Scott Dunn - Doing Things Media August 2023 (36 min)