Setting a standard for social video series with Amazon Prime Video UK Setting a standard for social video series with Amazon Prime Video UK

Setting a standard for social video series with Amazon Prime Video UK


Amazon Prime Video UK challenged us to think big for their talent-led social video series. We created a modern love story for the TikTok age.

The brief

We were tasked with supporting the launch of the second season of Modern Love by launching an Amazon Original TikTok series in the UK, with an emphasis on championing creators and stories from the LGBTQ+ community.

The results

17m+ Views
200k+ Active engagements
3 Digiday Award wins
1 Lovie Award win

Our solution

TikTok UK’s first-ever video series had to set a precedent. Production was TV standard, but needed to be platform native too. And crucially, we wanted to create something that would empower, not speak for, the LGBTQ+ community.

We wanted our episodes to be reflective of the way in which the stories within Modern Love are told. This meant having an anthological approach but with a consistent theme.

We partnered with six LGBTQ+ TikTok creators – Tyreece Nye, Krystal Lake, Tarek Khwiss, Bailey J Mills, Mista Strange, and Elliot Douglas. They recited the breathtaking stories of their greatest loves, proving our ability to love deeply is a universal human truth that brings us all together, no matter who, or what, it is we love.

Poet Keith Jarrett came on board for the project, working with our creators to tell their modern love stories through the medium of poetry.

Director Joseph Wilson and musician Daniel Molyneaux were also on hand to ensure that our execution was of cinematic quality. In post-production, we used a variety of TikTok-first filters and features to ensure the content would look completely native to TikTok.

Six episodes – one for each creator – dropped simultaneously on TikTok, driving organic conversation among viewers watching at the same time.

We also utilised cross-channel promotion, with teaser content going live on Instagram too.

Niche interest and behavioural targeting is limited on TikTok’s ad platform, so we hit a broader audience still aligned with Prime Video’s core demographic. This meant we reached a much higher volume of users at greater cost efficiency, and meant we could amplify our message of LGBTQ+ celebration beyond the community’s own safe walls.

Our creators chose to share their work on their own channels, resulting in added value views and cross-platform engagement.

“We believe platforms such as TikTok are the future of how stories are told and human connections are made. We wanted to use our storytelling credibility to bring to life real customer stories. That’s why we created a series of mini episodes that explore what connection means to rich and diverse communities in their native day-to-day language: TikTok. We’re excited to continue bringing joy and experimenting with original social content inspired by our shows & movies.”
Kam McKenzie
Senior Creative Director, Europe
Prime Video
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