Turning GDK’s Coco x Kiki kebab into the ultimate shareable foodie accessory Turning GDK’s Coco x Kiki kebab into the ultimate shareable foodie accessory

Turning GDK’s Coco x Kiki kebab into the ultimate shareable foodie accessory


GDK needed our help pushing its new Coco x Kiki kebabs to fame while associating the brand with urban culture, fashion, and music.

The brief

We were challenged with creating a full-scale social campaign centred on driving awareness and generating excitement for the release of the new Coco x Kiki Kebabs, alongside promoting GDK’s brand image association with urban culture, fashion and music.

The results

52.4m impressions
307k engagements
15.8m users reached

Our solution

Our focus for this campaign was primarily fans aged 18 – 34 whose interests lay at the intersection of food, music and fashion.

So our content had to position the Coco x Kiki kebab as not only a great tasting product, but an overall aesthetic that spoke to all of these verticals.

We responded by giving our audience social currency. Our campaign presented them with a highly aesthetic object and a trend they could tap into to generate content that proves they’re tuned into the latest cultural moments.

We created a fully integrated social media campaign spanning Facebook, X, Instagram and TikTok. Services included organic social content, paid media and talent partnerships.

We rolled out the campaign across three distinct phases: tease, launch and sustain.

The purpose of the tease phase was to drive desire for the Coco x Kiki Kebab via a tease campaign that increased social currency, brand fame and press coverage. Our aim here was to stir up some FOMO by inviting key talent and GDK’s biggest fans to be first to try the Coco x Kiki Kebab.

Next came the launch phase, which used high impact, high reaching, high frequency creative and media to ensure cut-through and drive awareness of the product. Now fans had witnessed the exclusive tease event, they had to get involved by trying the Coco x Kiki kebab for themselves.

Finally, the sustain phase. This was essential to the campaign’s longevity, ensuring the product stayed top-of-mind. We employed functional comms and detailed targeting here to drive restaurant footfall and word-of-mouth sales.

The Coco x Kiki kebab was a familiar GDK product, but with a unique twist. We played into this for our tease campaign, alluding to a kebab with a makeover using a colourful social asset and a playful backing track straight from GDK’s teaser video featuring British rap artists Stefflon Don and Nadia Rose.

We also activated Blue Robot’s Like to Remind function across X so that opted-in users were notified the minute Coco x Kiki hit the shelves.

GDK kickstarted the launch campaign with a major promotional shoot. Artists Tion Wayne, Ivorian Doll and Bryn joined Stefflon and Nadia to make this an opportunity ripe for content. Our target audience’s interests lay at the intersection of food and fashion, so we created snackable videos, images and GIFs to highlight the Coco x Kiki kebab as the ultimate foodie accessory.

Plus, we dropped a video of all the behind-the-scenes antics at Wireless festival’s Coco x Kiki stand, introduced by Radio 1Xtra DJ Snoochie Shy.

Our sustain phase entertained the product as a culture and fashion muse. Across our social channels, we enlisted talent to create outfits based on Coco x Kiki’s bubblegum aesthetic. But we didn’t stop there – we brought Love of Huns on board as our official meme partner to reinforce the campaign’s tongue-in-cheek humour. Finally, our music talent leveraged their star power and connected with fans through Instagram Live Q&As – filmed while enjoying a GDK, of course.

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