Taking The Traitors to TikTok with the BBC Taking The Traitors to TikTok with the BBC

Taking The Traitors to TikTok with the BBC


How do you translate the BBC’s hit new reality game show The Traitors for a major digital platform? You turn the game into a social-first reality.

The brief

Our objective was to drive awareness of BBC’s new reality TV game show The Traitors with a younger audience and position the series as an unmissable TV event on BBC iPlayer.

The results

3m+ total following
206k views on talent content
8.2k post engagements
4.9% average engagement rate

Our solution

When it debuted on UK television in November 2022, The Traitors was an entirely new format. Unlike other cult TV shows with a strong social media presence, we didn’t have an existing engaged audience to work with.

Our solution was to coordinate a cohesive story arc across multiple creators for one campaign. Each creator brings something different to the table, so we had to celebrate this while overcoming logistical and creative challenges.

We developed a creator-led TikTok campaign reflective of the gameplay of the show, where our chosen creators competed as either Faithfuls or secret Traitors attempting to sabotage the game.

Using TikTok-native platform features, we brought the whodunnit-style format to our midweight talent with an average following of over 800k.

Our four creators – @formzofficial, @nohailchooch, @danispeaks and @itssarahgordon – participated in their own challenge to uncover the traitor among them, encouraging their audiences to comment their guesses and theories – and to watch The Traitors on BBC iPlayer.

To ensure the campaign had a strong affinity with the show’s brand, we shot the first deliverable at the press launch event for the series with none other than The Traitors’ beloved host, Claudia Winkleman.

Our creators posted 13 separate TikTok assets over a period of five days, including feed posts, Stitches and platform-native filters.

Overall this resulted in a reach of 3.2 million, over 200k views and an average engagement rate of 4.9%. We also enjoyed a positive reception from audiences, with over 8k engagements and 100+ comments expressing support for the campaign or intrigue about campaign gameplay.

“Working with the team at SocialChain enabled us to create a campaign that would immerse audiences in the world of The Traitors on TikTok, and allowed us to bring the unique and compelling gameplay of the series to life in the digital space. ”
Jamie Dodds
Digital Commissioning Executive
BBC Entertainment
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